1.    Poster Volunteers

Poster distribution volunteers are essential to our Friends of the Bing team because they help ensure the success of the show before the show debuts. Volunteers within this position must have reliable transportation and flexibility to make a considerable number of stops within a particular poster route. Our Poster Volunteers are also important ambassadors of the Bing Theater and the work of Friends of the Bing. It is important to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in every interaction while you represent the theater.


The safety and comfort or our volunteers and our patrons are important to us, and because of this we require poster volunteers to maintain these basic qualifications:

•    Active WA state driver’s license
•    Familiarity with Spokane’s downtown streets and outlying neighborhoods
•    Ability to stand and or walk for stretches of time
•    Willingness to commit to at least 3 months at 8 hours per month in 2 hour stretches
•    Positive attitude and willingness to make adjustments to course or plan when needed 
•    Professional and personable attitude

Essential Duties for Poster Volunteers:

•    Check in with Volunteer Coordinator (Marianne Salina) before beginning any route at Friends of the Bing headquarters (909 W. 1st Ave). Make sure you are clear which posters are going out that day, and that you have all the materials you need before starting.
•    Familiarize yourself with the route for which you are responsible. If you do not know where something is located, ask questions or consult Google Maps.
•    Bring Route List with you as you drop off posters. Initial after each stop where you dropped posters off.
•    Make note of changes in address or of establishments that DO NOT wish to carry our posters so we can keep our files updated.
•    Remain respectful and friendly as you engage with businesses. If they decline a poster for some reason, don’t challenge them. It is their business and they are doing Friends of the Bing a favor by showcasing our events.
•    Please dress in comfortable, professional clothing during poster distribution. 
•    Explain that you are a volunteer for Friends of the Bing to each establishment.
•    Bring back any remaining posters and the route list to Marianne.  Poster volunteers earn 2 tickets to each event for which they successfully deliver materials.
•    Any questions or concerns about this role may be directed to Marianne Salina, 509-534-5805 or Marianne@gvdcommercial.com

2.    Bing Crosby Theater Volunteers

Theater Volunteers are an important part of our events, and are ambassadors for the Bing Crosby Theater. Each volunteer is responsible for personally upholding the reputation of our theater, and for making sure that all of our patrons are given an experience that will keep them returning. To ensure that our patrons have a positive experience every time, we ask that all volunteers remember and honor the policies and general practices of the Bing Crosby Theater.


We request that you arrive no later than the time specified by the volunteer coordinator, typically one hour and fifteen minutes prior to the start of any show. It is critical that you arrive on time and be ready to go. 

Upon arrival, each volunteer is required to sign in on the volunteer sign in sheet, located in the back room. Volunteer briefing will take place 10 minutes after arrival, in the lobby of the theater. Onsite at events, volunteers will report to the volunteer coordinator, Marianne Salina or to General Manager, Daryl Johnson, unless otherwise communicated.

Please sign out on the same formed you signed in on, and inform the manager on site of your departure. 

Our patrons must be able to easily identify who is able to assist them. Thus, we require our volunteers to adhere to the following dress code:

•    Clean shirt or blouse (no logos)
•    Tasteful closed toed shoes (no flip-flops)
•    Dressy/casual—ties are not necessary, but consider your appearance as an identifying feature for patrons to know you are there to assist them.

For ushers: Please bring and carry a small flashlight for every performance. If you do not have one, we have a limited supply of loaners.

During Performance

•    Please wait until 20 minutes after performance/event starts, before leaving your post, unless otherwise specified.
•    Volunteers are welcome to watch the performance/film after they have performed the agreed upon duties, and must sit in seats that are empty. 
•    If volunteering through to the end of the event, it is preferable that the volunteer sits in an aisle seat, or somewhere they are accessible to the on duty manager. Please notify your on-duty manager of where you are going to be seated, so you are available if needed.
•     For all volunteers, even if you have signed out before sitting in on the event, we ask that you keep an eye out for and report the following to an on-site manager:
1)    If you notice an altercation between patrons
2)    If you notice the use of outside alcohol brought into the theater or consumed in the auditorium
3)    If you notice equipment not working as it is supposed to 
4)    If you notice anyone besides personnel using equipment when they are not allowed to, or in an area designated only for sound and tech personnel
5)    If you notice unsafe or inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to dangling over the balcony, throwing things over the balcony, unsuitable yelling during a performance, obvious drunkenness/belligerence, using restrooms designated for the opposite sex, and patrons letting friends enter through the side handicap entrance.

Theater Ushers

Theater usher volunteers are essential to our guests having a pleasant and stress free experience. Volunteers within this position must be friendly, outgoing and willing to go above and beyond. It is important to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in every interaction while you represent the theater.


The safety and comfort or our volunteers and our patrons are important to us, and because of this we require volunteers to maintain these basic qualifications:

•    Ability to climb stairs
•    Ability to stand/be on your feet for 1-3 hours
•    Tolerance to heights, as you may be seating patrons in the balcony areas
•    Willingness to commit to at least 3 months at 8 hours per month in 2 hour stretches
•    Professional and personable attitude
•    Willingness to keep commitments 

Essential Duties for Theater Ushers

•    Please treat customers, house staff, performers, and fellow volunteers with respect. The volunteer coordinator and/or house manager reserves the right to dismiss you from an event if they feel you are neglecting your duties or not cooperating.
•    Before volunteering at your first event, volunteers are required to familiarize themselves with the facility, theater seating chart, theater website, and the theater policies.
•    If you are unable to make it to an event, please inform the volunteer coordinator or house manager at least 24 hours prior to event (if possible), so that we can find a substitute for you. (See contact info above)
•    Absolutely no consumption of alcohol is tolerated while volunteering.
•    Personal belongings can be stored in the back room or behind the concessions counter for safekeeping. However, the theater is not responsible for lost or stolen items, so please leave valuables at home.
•    Flashlights, nametags, and any other supplies used must be returned to their appropriate places before leaving.
•    The manager on duty is ultimately responsible for all people in the house. If an issue arises or you need help with anything, ask the manager or assistant manager on duty.
•    If you need to leave earlier than what you committed to, please give notice in advance.
•    Volunteers working in concessions, are required to provide a copy of their food handler’s card and MAST certification, prior to first shift of volunteering
•    All volunteers must read the volunteer handbook prior to working their first event, and sign and date a statement after having done so.

Ticket Booth Volunteer

Ticket Booth volunteers are the first point of contact the day of the event.  Volunteers within this position must be friendly, outgoing and perform well under pressure. It is important to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in every interaction while you represent the theater.


These volunteers must attend a training session on the ticketing system before their first shift. Volunteers must have money handling experience and be able to count back change. 

Essential Duties for Ticket Booth Staff

•    Sell tickets in ticket booth one hour before each event
•    Become knowledgeable of company procedures regarding the use of sales terminals
•    Accurately control money in the assigned cash drawer including a drawer count after shift. 
•    Two inaccurate balances will result in your no longer being able to handle money on our behalf.
•    Accurately count out your till after shift and sign form 

For more information contact:

Marianne Salina


Marketing Associate