Rent the Theater

The Bing Crosby Theater is available for hosting Public and Private Events.  

To reserve our Historic Theater or for additional information, please contact us at (509) 413-2915.

Public Events:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: $950.00 - plus cleaning, insurance, and technical fees.
  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: $750.00 - plus cleaning, insurance, and technical & staffing fees.

Private Events:

Please contact us at (509) 413-2915.

Pre-Event Sound/Light Consultation and Rehearsal dates:

  • Additional day of Pre-Event Consultation or Rehearsal: Rent is $100.00 per hour plus staffing as is listed below.  An additional $100 insurance will also be charged for all rehearsal dates.
  • All rehearsal time is subject to availability.  The Bing Crosby Theater reserves the right to reschedule or cancel rehearsal time with 5 days written notice or in case of emergency.


  • Sound Technician: $30.00/hour with a minimum of $100
  • Lighting Technician: $30.00/hour with a minimum of $100
  • Follow Spot Operator: $30.00/hour with a minimum of $100
  • Filming Technician: $30.00/hour with a minimum of $100
  • Stagehand: $25/hour with a minimum of $80 per stagehand
  • Security: $35/hour with a minimum of $100 per security officer requested
  • Overtime: All employee hours charged at time-and-a-half the hourly rate after 8.0 hours.


Our ticketing is through TicketsWest. We add a $2.00 facility fee to each sold ticket. This fee is paid by the consumer. If tickets are not for sale, rental fee may be adjusted upwards to accomodate for this loss of income.


$100.00/day is charged for our $1,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance Policy

Cleaning Fee:

$200.00/day is charged.


  • Marley Floor $250
  • Live Streaming link no tickets sold $500
  • Live Steaming event with tickets sold $2 per ticket with minimum of $500
  • Thumb Drive with recording of your event both sound and visual $500

Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy

current as of 3/15/2021