Keleren Millham – The Great American Songbook: Then and Now

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Showtime: 7:30pm

Price: Adult: $27.00 - $32.00 / Student: $19

Keleren Millham wowed the SJO audience two years ago during a concert featuring the music and influences of Sting. This performance has been in the making since then as SJO Music Director Don Goodwin sought a vehicle that would suit both the SJO and Keleren’s style. 


“The Great American Songbook: Then and Now” will feature a blend of classic songs from the canons of jazz and current music that SJO Music Director Dr. Don Goodwin believes will be awarded classic status in 50 years. In fact, many of the classics in this concert began as songs from musicals in the theater, then were arranged for big band jazz, and are as captivating today as they were when first played. 


Guest artist Keleren, who often performs with her husband Michael on guitar, tours the Western U.S. and beyond. Her music is influenced by classical training, pop, folk and world music. Keleren and Michael’s debut album, “Sidhe” spent years on the top ten lists of local artists and has received airplay on numerous college and public radio stations. Their follow-up recording "Live at The Shop" has been equally well received. 


Keleren’s voice is described as "soaring...and affecting". Learn more about Keleren.