Technical Info


  • Seating Capacity: 756 seats (292 Orchestra level, 452 Balcony, 12 ADA Accessible)

  • Load-in: Street level/12" inclined ramp to stage/20' from street to stage. 5'10"w x 9'10"h load-in doors.

  • Stage Dimensions: 32' wide proscenium x 24' deep thrust stage. Stage Crossover beneath stage. NO SOUND WINGS

  • Dressing Rooms: 2 star rooms, 2 large chorus rooms with showers (no towels) and green room located in basement with easy stage left access. Stage right access via crossover under stage.

  • Electrical Power: 200 amp 3 phase bare wire in/Stage Right; 80 amp 3 bare wire in/Stage Left.


  • Control: ETC EXPRESS 4896 console with house light control.

  • Front of House: 16-1000 watt Altman 12 degree Lekos for full stage color washes (good for 3 solid front washes and four specials).

  • Side Fill: 8-500 watt Fresnels (18 foot throw to center stage; use as fill for front washes and gobo location.

  • Downstage: 6-575 watt 26 degree Source Fours; 6-750 watt Altman 25-50 Zooms mounted above dome and excellent for light pools (use for solo pools).

  • Electrics: 12-1000 watt medium flood Par 64s; 8-500 watt 6" Fresnels; 4-1000watt Scoops; 3-2000 watt Cyc lights. All upstage lighting is hung on 2 pipes 18 feet above stage floor. The electrics are 5 and 9 feet from back stage wall.

  • Followspots: 2-Strong Trouper 1200.


  • Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

          16 Chanel Digital Snake/27 Chanel Analog Snake

  •  P16-M personal mixers 6- Behringer's  Powerplay

           6- Pair Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones


  • FOH  (All Speakers are permantly mounted)

          2- EAW QX596i L/R Main Floor

          1-EAW QX594i Center Main Floor

          2- EAW UB52i Surround Main Floor

          2- SB 1000zp Subs  Main Floor (Recessed in front of Stage)



          2- EAW 5396i L/R Balcony

          1-EAW QX596i Center Balcony

          2- MK8126i Surround Balcony


  • Stage Monitor

          4 monitor mixes with

          6 - EAW SM12 Stage Monitors


  • Crown Power Amplifiers

          2- XTi1002

          6- XTi2002

          5- XTi4002



  • Microphone/ DI

          5- Shure SM58

          5- Shure SM57

          2- Shure KMS 137

          1- Shure Beta 58A

          2- Shure SM81

          3- CAD e70 Condenser

          4- Shure Wireless ULXS4 Combo Handheld/Lavaliere 


          CAD Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Pack

          2- Audio-Technica PRO 45 Cardioid Condenser

          Astatic by CAD (Podium) Gooseneck Cardioid



          2- Radial Pro AV 1 DI Passive Direct Box

          3- Radial Pro AV 2 DI Stereo Direct Box

          1- Radial Pro48 Active 48-Volt Compact Direct Box


          3- DR Pro DR Pro DR256 MS1500BK Low Profile Mic Boom Stands

          4- DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom Stands

          4- AKG Tripod Boom Mic Stands

          3- AKG Round Base Mic Stands

  • PIANO - 7' Steinway baby grand




          Resolution - 1920 x 1080 HD

          Brightness – 11,000 center lumens

  • DENON PRO 5.1

          DN-500/ AV Surround Preamplifier

          Denon(Blue Ray) DBP-2012UDCIP Audio/Video Player


          VP-436 Scaler/Switcher

  •  Paragon/Series E Electric Projection Screen

          14.7 x 26 (HxW)




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