Rent the Theater


Commercial Events

$800 Per Day

Non-Profit Events 

Friday/Saturday $700

Sunday-Thursday $500 

Rehearsal Time: $50 per hour plus staffing.  All rehearsal time is subject to availability. The Bing Crosby Theater reserves the right to reschedule or cancel rehearsal time with 5 days written notice or in case of emergency.

Private Events

Please contact the theater for custom rental rates, or 5 hours of exclusive theater rental/ Ovations Lounge $2,000.


We require our presenters to purchase a $300 minimum marketing package when renting the theater.  This includes two inclusions in our weekly Inlander ad and at least one mailing to our 14,000 person email list.  We provide the presenter with a Spokane Media contact guide.  Events are included on The Bing's website events page, Facebook events,, Yelp, as well as promotion via Twitter.  Your event will be highlighted in Ed Clark's weekly digital newsletter Entertainment Spokane.  We encourage our presenters to actively market their event in addition to this marketing package.  Please feel free to contact us for more marketing assistance.


House Manager: $27.50 per hour ($40.50 per hour after 8 hours)

Light Technician: $27.50 per hour ($40.50 per hour after 8 hours)

Sound Technician: $27.50 per hour ($40.50 per hour after 8 hours)

Followspot Operator: $16.50 per hour

Stagehand: $16.50 per hour

Overtime: All employee hours charged at time and 1/2 after 1st 8.0 hours.

Equipment Rental

House Sound System:  Charged depending on requirements.  Additional sound equipment may be required at presenter's expense.  Please see our tech page for House Sound details.

Microphones: $25 - $50.  Please see our tech page for microphone details.

LCD projector (House sound system included for LCD projector amplification.): $200 per day

Staging 4' x 8' section: $5 per section

Piano (Tuning not included.): $50

Ballet Dance Floor (Labor and tape not included.): $50 / day | $25 multiple day rental


Our ticketing is through Tickets West except by written waiver.  We add a $2 restoration fee to each sold ticket.  This fee is paid by the consumer.  If tickets are not sold a $1 per attendee is charged to the presenter.


A $50 fee is charged for our $1,000,000 Public Liability Insurance policy.

Cleaning Fee

A $50 cleaning fee is charged per event.