Rent the Theater

The Bing Crosby Theater is available for hosting Commercial and Private Events.  For additional information, please contact Melanie at (509) 413-2915.

Commercial Events:

$800.00 Per Day (includes insurance fee)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: $700.00 plus Liability Insurance Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: $500 plus Liability Insurance

Rehearsal Time: $100.00 per hour plus staffing. All rehearsal time is subject to availability.  The Bing Crosby Theater reserve the right to reschedule or cancel rehearsal time with 5 days written notice or in case of emergency.

Private Events:

For custom rentals rates, or 5 hours of exclusive theater rental/Ovations Lounge please contact Melanie at (509) 413-2915.


House Manager: $27.00/hour ($40.50/hr after 8 hours) Sound Technician: $27.00/hour ($40.50/hr after 8 hours) Lighting Technician: $27.00/hour ($40.50/hr after 8 hours) Follow spot Operator: $16.50 per hour
Stagehand: $16.50 per hour ($24.75/hr after 8 hours)
Overtime: All employee hours charged at time-and-a-half after 1st 8.0 hours.


Our ticketing is through Tickets West or Vendini.  We add a $2.00 restoration fee to each sold ticket. This fee is paid by the consumer.


$100.00/day is charged for our $1,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance Policy

Cleaning Fee:

$75.00/day is charged.

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