Mobius Extreme Science Show

Date: Saturday, August 24, 2013

Showtime: 7pm

Price: $8

The Mobius Extreme Science Show is something really special. This summer we’ve pulled out all the stops to give our audiences at the Bing one of the most exciting shows they’ve ever seen. Mobius Scientists Aaron and Don will wow you with fire and explosions, extreme sub-zero temperatures, and death-defying demonstrations of the laws of physics. If you want to spend your evening laughing and learning thanks to a couple of crazy science dudes, look no further. Just remember: don’t try this at home!

Mobius’s science demo shows have been a staple of the Spokane city and county libraries for the past two years and have been performed at schools across the Inland Northwest. Mobius Scientists Aaron and Don are putting together a special show for the audiences at the Bing, however, because they want the prime-time crowds to see something truly spectacular. They’re adding in all-new, never-before-seen science demos to their two-man show and plan to cover just about every aspect of science: chemistry, physics, even thermodynamics. The show promises to be educational, exciting, and very entertaining; between the two of them, Aaron and Don have over 20 years’ experience on the stage and they know how to get a crowd laughing.


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