"Poor Again...Dagnabbit!" starring Tim Behrens

Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012

Showtime: 7:30pm

Price: $17.00. A $2.00 Bing Crosby Theater facilities fee is added to each ticket.

Nationally renowned humor writer Patrick F. McManus has done it again....become poor! And this time he’s written a play about it for his even poorer and indentured actor, Tim Behrens. “The worldwide economic downturn continues to increase the spread of  laughlessness across the land,” says Behrens, “and we aim to do our part to combat this situation.”

Author and actor guarantee laughs as they describe Pat’s childhood of growing up poor, when his favorite toy was dirt. Learn how to make do by raising maggots for fish bait, or packing your own blood sausage or building a car out of spare parts!  Pat’s account of his current situation...once again falling from success to poverty... culminates in a  conversation with Old Ed, Pat’s 100 year-old mentor, who puts love and life into perspective ...if only he can stay awake long enough.  Fifteen zany characters populate the stage and each combats economic woesarmed with only a sense of humor.

“People were laughing so hard, and for so long, I was afraid paramedics would need to be called in! The audience was in stitches, and speaking of stitches, I was afraid some  people might end up needing a few. For busted guts, and that sort of thing.” -Spokesman-Review, Spokane WA

 “The play brought jolts of laughter to the Discovery Theatre’s sold-out performance as actor Tim Behrens worked nothing short of magic into the realm of these tales set  mongst a sparse collection of junk, a rocking chair, and a porch railing. Behrens cooked up a perfect delivery. The man seated next to me had such hard time breathing from laughing so violently that it resulted in odd-sounding snorts and gasps that were so loud!” -The Anchorage Daily News

 “The ensuing pandemonium is evoked with such vivid lushness that the audience, already moved to tears of laughter, were reduced to banging their heads on their knees in a rictus of paralyzed delight. Behrens is a wonder at bringing to life the inhabitants of McManus’ fictional childhood...the anecdotes are hilarious.” - The Seattle Times

 “Behrens did a masterful job. He promised you’ll laugh until it hurts and they [the audience] did.” The Detroit News, Detroit MI “Behrens’ brand of humor keeps the show fast-paced, raucous and fun to watch.” -The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City UT



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