Sinatra Tribute Starring Gary Anthony

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2020

Showtime: 7:30 pm

Price: $35.00 - $55.00

 Direct from Las Vegas! Gary Anthony 

A Magical Tribute to a Man and His Music
With A Dynamic Swing Band! 

GARY ANTHONY is recognized as the world premier Frank Sinatra tribute artist performing in Las Vegas and all over the world. He embodies Frank Sinatra so effortlessly that his audience feels the love, the passion, the story within the song, every single performance proves that he indeed doing what he loves! Since dancing came natural to Gary Anthony, he has truly evolved into Sinatra’s macho stance and cool movements, he even recreates mini signature sounds in his delivery.

Anthony sometimes seems to be channeling Sinatra when he speaks though when you see him standing in the shadows in profile, his resemblance to Sinatra is positively eerie”
 By Judd Hollander Special to The Epoch Times NY

Gary has spent most of his life in show business as an mc, actor, comedian, singer in clubs, stage and television, singing all styles of music but his passion was to bring back the sounds of Sinatra that he started with over 50 years ago as a child. Gary’s dream is to keep the spirit alive and pass it onto the generation of today!

“Mr. Anthony embodied Sinatra in voice, mannerism, and even Frank’s soft interaction with his audience. How refreshing to see and hear this music played and sung live. Sinatra would have flown to the moon with pride” Sal Gomez - Mid Valley News Hollywood

Growing up with a musical family in Los Angeles, headed by his father, a big band director, at the age of ten, his father allowed him to sing with his band for the first time and was an instant hit allowing Gary the opportunity to develop his voice. Then at the age of eighteen, alongside his brothers and sister became known and toured as a family musical group “THE ALLENS” They toped the musical charts in 1975 with the song “High Tide” produced by Mike Curb and written by the Osmonds and released by Motown Records!
As a teen idol with a slew of teen magazines they appeared on American Bandstand, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin and many more tv and radio performances.

Gary Anthony has appeared on many tv spots and commercials to replicate Frank Sinatra. Recently on Stewart & Hamilton’s as a surprise in Las Vegas for his son GT as Sinatra Impersonator and on nationwide AXS, TV “The Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands a 90-minute live tribute to Frank Sinatra.

Gary was recognized for his impressive talent rendition of Sinatra and was selected in a nationwide search to replicate Sinatra as his body doubles in a promotional campaign commercial that launched the NBA (National Basketball Association) featuring one of Sinatra’s signature songs, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.  Delta Airlines was also impressed and chose Gary to be as Frank in their national commercial.

Gary was asked to join Stevie Wonder, Dave Koz, Chaka Khan, Bobby Coldwell, Brian Simpson, and many other well-known artists for three years at the Java Jazz, Jakarta International Jazz Festival in Indonesia.