DAYS of DISCOrd! - HYPER-Formance Jazz Dance Club

Date: Sunday, March 25, 2018

Showtime: 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Price: $12 child/Senior and $15 adult at the door. Tickets are also available through Cast members, or SOUTH HILL KIWANIS 448-5423:

DAYS of DISCOrd! (Written by the children themselves)

An original musical that takes place in HYPER-VILLE Elementary school of the Performing Arts, and what happens when one day the Superintendent of Schools arrives at the Principals office with the horrible news of impending BUDGET CUTS! . This show is a bit like a cross between “Spanky & our Gang” and “Ham on Regal” in terms of quality. Funny and yet sometimes painfully close to the truth, this is a delightful show, an ORIGINAL MUSICAL is written by the performers and Danced with energy! Come see our wonderful story, lasting just an hour, LIVE at the Bing Crosby Theater. 

Join us in our 28th  year and celebrate our becoming a Spokane County 4-H club! The DANCE cast includes members of HYPER-Formance Jazz Dance Club, The DRAMA-Tics, new Drama-Tics class at the SPOKANE Tribe of Indians, and our visiting friends from Lilac City AKtion Club, as well as members of South Hill Kiwanis Club! Dancers  range in age from 4 to 84!  This community wide event is especially fun and uplifting this year! 

The music is a combination of inspiring songs, such as “Seville Nights” and “Blue Danube ”, and lovely songs that ask us to inquire about ourselves such as “Fame”, with other tunes like Ring My Bell and Brick House! Come celebrate the skills and diversity of the children and community of Spokane.

Please Call Cynthia Hamilton at 509-879-4752 if you have additional questions.