OZ 95.7 presents Pigs On The Wing: The Wall

Date: Friday, October 13, 2017

Showtime: 8:00 pm

Price: $17 All Ages

OZ 95.7 presents: Pigs on the Wing The Wall. 
FRI, OCT 13th at the Bing Crosby Theater ( 901 W Sprague Ave, Spokane WA). 7:00 PM doors / 8:00PM show. 
2 sets, all ages welcome, bar with ID. 

Portland, Oregon based Pink Floyd tribute Pigs on the Wing brings an intense, high energy experience to the
table that is both true to the original and unapologetic in its interpretation, something which the band members
believe has set it apart from the other tributes from the very beginning. Forsaking a traditional approach to the
tribute band concept, you'll find no look-alike gimmickry or attempts at creating a faux audience experience.
Instead, with Pigs on the Wing you'll experience a group of seasoned veteran musicians steeped in the NW rock
scene who share a common love of the music of Pink Floyd.

Arguably Pink Floyd’s best known and most controversial work, The Wall shows an entirely different side of the
band than earlier,more space rock - psychedelic pieces. The Wall is a beautiful, yet angry, emotionally, socially
and politically charged piece showcasing the pinnacle of Roger Waters' work as a composer and lyricist with
Pink Floyd. A concept album through and through, The Wall follows the madness, isolation, violence and slide
into fascism of the fictional character Pink in an intense first person narrative portrayal.

Famously contentious in its making and mind-blowing in the scale of its live production, The Wall is a piece Pigs
on the Wing have circled around for years but only now feel the timing right to produce in its entirety. Pigs on the
Wing believe the music and lyrical themes speak for themselves and bear no political commentary from them in
their relevance to our modern day - but do feel the album makes a timely statement. In some ways, The Wall
represents the very side of Pink Floyd that they, as a tribute band, are not: huge scale of production, elaborate
stage craft, and layered instrumentation – while Pigs on the Wing fancy themselves representing more of the
visceral rock side of Floyd. In the end, the band thinks that this juxtaposition is perfect and offers a take on The
Wall that everyone will enjoy, from die-hard to causal fans.

“Capturing what made Pink Floyd iconic is a hard thing to do, and Pigs on the Wing come as close as anyone we’ve heard. That looming mystique, that inscrutable grandiosity, that ability to lick the tender parts of our brains and get us really thinking — Those qualities are alive and well with Pigs on the Wing.” - Adam McKinney, OLY ARTS 5/10/17