Peter Pan

Date: Sunday, July 16, 2017

Showtime: 2:00 PM

Price: Adult tickets are $13 online and $15 at the door. Students tickets are $7 online and $9 at the door

Peter Pan, the beloved fantasy about the boy who never grew up, is given a radically inventive treatment in the National Theatre Live’s filmed performance which will be shown at the Bing’s Theater’s Stage to Screen Series on Sunday, July 16 at 2 pm. 

When Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys, loses his shadow, headstrong Wendy helps him to reattach it. In return, she is invited to Neverland, where Tinker Bell the fairy, Tiger Lily and the vengeful Captain Hook await. A riot of magic, music and make-believe ensues.

All the classic elements of JM Barrie’s tale of Neverland are there, but freshly imagined in director Sally Cookson’s playful new staging. Peter Pan himself is envisioned as more of a gangly hipster in a green suit, not the boyish sprite in tights of more conventional productions.

Wendy, usually portrayed as the demure domestic “little mother”, has been transformed into the adventurous hero of the play. Cookson plays around further with the mother figure theme by having the same actress play both Mrs. Darling and Captain Hook, which she says was Barrie’s original intent.

Cookson said in an interview with The Guardian, that Peter Pan has been popular for well over a hundred years because it represents different things to different ages. “It indulges a child’s love of play and imagination. But it also taps into our own adult tragic awareness of the fleeting nature of childhood pleasures and of facing our own mortality, so we have something that is playful yet sophisticated.”

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Running Time is 2 h 30 m

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