Children's Film Festival Seattle

Date: Sunday, August 6, 2017

Showtime: 2:00 PM

Price: $10 for adults (includes all fees) and $4 for children (12 years and younger)

Take a trip around the world without leaving Spokane! The Bing Theater hosts its third-annual Seattle Children’s Short Film Festival this August featuring 16 award-winning short films perfect for kids and the child in all of us. The festival showcases renowned international films from 16 countries, both animated and live-action, directed by some of the worlds most talented directors and animators.

Ignite your family’s imagination as you follow these funny, imaginative and sometimes courageous stories on the big screen, and travel the globe to see what life is like in countries including France, Ireland, Slovakia, Taiwan, Sweden, Russia, Japan and Brazil. 

The festival's live-action shorts program, called "Longing and Belonging," is a trip around the world for ages 8 and older. Get globally aware as you meet sweet children who dream of their homeland, boys and girls who feel passionately drawn to the arts, best friends who overcome bullying, a Korean-American boy who learns a big lesson about his parents, and an Alaskan Yup’ik teen who competes hard in basketball not just for himself, but for his whole community.

The festival comes to Spokane through a collaboration with Children's Film Festival Seattle, presented by the Seattle-based non-profit. Now in its 12th year, Children's Film Festival Seattle tours its children’s short film programs across the nation from Philadelphia to Honolulu in an effort to expose children to the art of filmmaking and animation. This will be the third year that Friends Of The Bing, the non-profit production team at The Bing, hosts Northwest Film Forum’s annual film collection in downtown Spokane. The film festival is sponsored by the Sahlin Foundation.

Northwest Film Forum and Friends Of the Bing invite you to join in the fun August 6, 2017 @ 2:00 PM at downtown Spokane’s historic Bing Theater. Tickets to the annual Seattle Children’s Short Film Festival are available for $10 for adults (includes all fees) and $4 for children (12 years and younger) at