International Guitar Night

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017

Showtime: 7:30 pm

Price: $27 - $37

Four world-renowned guitarists from around the globe join forces to celebrate musical diversity and bring their innovative talents to the stage.

The International Guitar Night (IGN) is the world’s premier touring guitar festival, each show featuring world-renowned acoustic guitarists who bring to life their unique and revered sounds as they engage in a powerful exchange of musical dialogue.  IGN founder Brian Gore invites a new cast of guitar luminaries to join him for special of solos, duets, and quartets that highlight the dexterity and diversity within the world of acoustic guitar.

Join us to hear four of the world’s finest guitarists perform together February 23, 2017 at The Bing.

Featured guitarists will include:

Lulo Reinhardt (the great-nephew of jazz legend Django Reinhardt) is one of the foremost authentic and distinctive musical voices in Gypsy music today, exploring and performing a fusion of styles, including flamenco, Latin and Brazilian jazz. He combines all three with his own artistic flourish, and always with a nod to his Gypsy influences. Lulo hails from a long line of musicians who’ve helped shape and cultivate his life-long passion for his music.

Debashish Bhattacharya is an award-winning master in Indian Raga Music, and thrives on improvisation and pushing his music to new limits. As a result, no two performances are the same. Powerful and technically gifted with the slide guitar, he has already set a new trend among fellow musicians. He believes that music is the universal faith that gives peace and joy to its listeners and believers.

Luca Stricagnoli is one of the most exciting new players on the acoustic guitar scene, bypassing the limits of a more traditional approach to playing, Luca adapts to any musical genre, tackling pop, rock, soundtracks and original pieces. His YouTube videos launched him into wild success at the age of 22, and he now performs all across the world.

Chrystian Dozza is leading the way for a new generation of Brazilian instrumental musicians. He is a brilliant, award-wining guitarist and composer whose musicianship and acoustic talents have been celebrated internationally. He has three recorded CDs: Songs from the Land (2006), Fantasia Mineira (2010) and Despertar (2014), made up of his original compositions and creative arrangements of Brazilian classics.